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internet too slow

I upgrade my xperia pro for the latest version and the internet connection goes too slow did some body knows how can i make it faster or when is going to make another upgrade?

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Re: internet too slow

do you see a 3G, E or H? also do you have the correct APN settings? do you have any antivirus or taskiller?

download Speedtest or go to and test your data speed

also contact your network for any down towers

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Re: internet too slow

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First of all try clearing cookies,browser history and cache,avoid running electronic devices at once,upgrade your modem or router to a newer model and have a periodic check in your modem ventilation, or do you use P2P (Peer to Peer) file sharing programs? If so then try turning the file sharing program off, as file sharing programs use up allot of bandwidth some broadband providers limit the speed you can use the internet if you are using file sharing programs.

If you turn off the file sharing program your broadband speed goes back to normal .

I faced the same problem ,after doing this i checked my speed from apparently my internet speed is faster than before.