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One time poster
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Registered: ‎2011-10-25

How do I delete icons on the apps screens

The apps screens have a whole bunch of app icons that came with the phone that I will never use.  Things like Download, GetApps and GetGames, if a want apps I will go directly to the market.  I have downloaded a few apps and am running out of space.  Four of the screens were full when I got the phone, and I have almost filled the fifth screen. 

How do I delete icons?

What happens when I have more apps than will fit on the five screens?

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Re: How do I delete icons on the apps screens

Touch the bottom right button when you are in the apps screen and they will all shake... the ones you can uninstall will have a red x on. Be aware though, this uninstalls the app. I don't use the app menu anymore I've put everything I use on the front 5 screens (desktop?!) in folders... but best bet is put everything you don't use that you can't uninstall on the last app page.

Alternatively you can uninstall the apps from the settings-> applications -> manage applications but the other way is easier.

Once you fill up the fifth screen you will get a sixth one...I currently have 8!

Hope that helps.


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Registered: ‎2011-06-28

Re: How do I delete icons on the apps screens

mr happy is right..and if you dont get the red cross over any canot uninstall it and they will remain in your phone..

you can delete it by rooting your phone and its a  complex process :smileywink: so let them be..

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Re: How do I delete icons on the apps screens

After seeing this I'm thinking of rooting mine just to get rid of that annoying focus camera sound... they give options to change the take a picture sound but not that irritating one!!! Anyway .... totally off subject! lol