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Calendar task/daily view wont work properly

hi, when I got the phone I could open the calendar in monthly view and when I clicked a day it would open in daily view, so I could see all events for that day.

What is currently happening is: when I open calendar it starts in task list view, and i can switch to monthly view, i can browse the calendars, but when I get to a day I want to view, I click it and it shows the event list view, from today, its so frustrating because I want to see details of the day I clicked, not today.

I have tried flipping all sorts of settings and the phone has been restarted since this.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Calendar task/daily view wont work properly

I can't reproduce this problem on a mini running on .62 firmware. I suggest that try to repair the phone software via PC Companion to see if it helps.

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