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One time poster
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎2013-02-07

Xperia Go headphones/earphones


I have recently purchased the Xperia Go and while I am very satisfied with the phone, I am having trouble picking a compatible pair of headphones with a microphone/remote. As I understand, the Xperia Go 3.5 mm jack uses the CTIA standard so shouldn't it be compatible with the iPhone accessoires? (Unless I am misinterpreting Johan's post: ). I have purchased a pair of MA450i by RHA ( ) but my phone displays the following message: "The accessory's microphone and buttons are not available". As much as I like the Sony MDR-EX300 in-ear headphones I am currently using, I'd like to be able to control my music without having to take out the phone.

Thanks in advance.

Community Manager
Posts: 8,817
Registered: ‎2010-11-12

Re: Xperia Go headphones/earphones

If the headset has volume or music controls it might require a higher voltage. Xperia go can deliver 2V but if the connected headset requires more you might experience incompatibility issues.

I suggest that you check with the headset manufacturer for more info about which voltage they use.

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One time poster
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎2013-02-07

Re: Xperia Go headphones/earphones

Thanks Johan. I've read that it's common for headsets designed for Apple products to only get partial functionality under Android (especially with a 3-button remote). Is the voltage mismatch usually the source of the problem? Is there a list of Xperia 2012+ compatible headsets somewhere? I've spent hours trying to find something yesterday but, to my knowledge, there is only the Klipsch Image S4A that is designed to work with Android.