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One time poster
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Registered: ‎2012-10-13

My Sony Xperia Go Loose the Charging Pin

I have problem with my sony xperia GO. Mt battery charger is not working. I just used this phone for a month. I take care of it very carefully but the charging pin loose?? I made a complaint to one of the famous mobile shops where I bought and she said this is problem is the first case and the handphone is still new. If I want to repair the charger pin, I have to order for 2-3 weeks to come to Brunei. But that exclude warranty. They charged for $65 TO REPAIR. I'm not satisfied because it is my first time using sony. I thought sony will be ok after I did a research about it on internet but so many problem I encounter. First problem, suddenly the phone turn off without any reason and sometime the phones freeze for hours? When this happens, I feel regret to buy it. I was proud intially and I thought sony is better from samsung. Can you help me how to solve it? Dont make me lose hope on sony. PLEASE

Community Manager
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Registered: ‎2010-11-12

Re: My Sony Xperia Go Loose the Charging Pin

I suggest that you raise this with your local support team.

A repair center will have to examine the phone to determine if this is an manufacturing fault or not.

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One time poster
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Registered: ‎2012-12-19

Re: My Sony Xperia Go Loose the Charging Pin

Actually I had the same problem with you. I had my my phone 2 months ago..I think Sept25.. but now I'm unable to use it as the charging pin got broken..But what I am really thinking is the response of a Sony consultant that I need to replace the mother board of my phone and that will cost me like the price of a new phone.. I was really upset that time.. I really want this phone, I even send an email to Sony as when it will be available in our country.. but now, that's it!.. When I ask someone from a repair center(not from Sony), I was advised that I just need to buy/order charging pin and will only cost me 1/3 of the price.. Please give us some tips. i'm really hoping that I will still be able to use my phone.. sad

I'm a Sony fanatic and I don't want to stop here.. pls help.. thanks!

One time poster
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Registered: ‎2013-10-01

Re: My Sony Xperia Go Loose the Charging Pin

I have a similar problem with my xperia z, i got it from carphone warehouse in april and since then the charging pins have come out of the phone and are stuck in the wall charger,  I took the phone to CW to be repaired and there engineers returned the phone saying it was due to my own use, we then sent it direct to sony and there saying a similar thing, i have two xperia z's both in my name that i use one black and one white...
If id broke one id have broken both.
Sony have siad its not fixable and carphone warehouse are refusing to do anything, I am now awaiting to here back from a solicitor.