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xperia GO sd card

Hi guys, i have a xperia go  and i couldn't fine a board for that so post here. I trying to load a video from phone to computer from SD card, thing is i have tried everything i know of moved all things to computer  after spending 5 mins trying to take the SD card out of phone, even the repairing thing but still no luck.  only had the phone 24 hours so cant of damaged anything.   any advice please guys?

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Re: xperia GO sd card

Hello scorpio1200

For transferring files we suggest you use Pc companion and the "file transfer" module.

But if you are going to be using the SD card to Pc method (physically placing the SD card in a Card Reader in the PC) then use this recommendation:

Removing the SD card is a little tricky so check the User guide Page 12 for an image of the process:

Hope this helps.