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arc s microphone not working well

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arc s microphone not working well

Hi everyone, I purchase an arc s in october. Its been a wonderful device. However recently, on my calls in and out people have problems hearing me. On the first day, I had to put my mouth next to the microphone to be heard by the other party. That evening, i tested with my home phone indeed there's no voice coming out despite being in a quiet environment if I am at the normal position where u hold the phone from the mouth piece.  The following few days, I am using the handsfree which works but would prefer without it. I am wondering how can I rectify this.



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Re: arc s microphone not working well

Hi Edison,

Goto Settings > Call Settings > Disable that Noise supression by unmarkining it.

I hope it will work...

can you explain how come you know about your microphone is not working well,,,,

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Re: arc s microphone not working well

Hi  suze wow that's very prompt. Suze, I tried your suggestion on the service test. I couldn't hear myself when my mouth is in the normal position you would hold a handset and as soon I speak near the bottom microphone it can be heard loudly on the replay..played with the microphone using a pencil lead trying to gather some lint but it seems a bit big. Normally, how would u you guys try to remove it?

Hi bala, I made calls to some of my friends and they tried to hear me and hang up. It was quite frustrating then. Luckily they had caller ID.  I did try to disable the noise supression in my attempts but to no avail.

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Re: arc s microphone not working well

If you have a can of compressed air for cleaning a PC this works great as well.

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Re: arc s microphone not working well