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Xperia won't turn on.

Yesterday I accidentally forgot loading the battery and the phone is lost.
Now the phone is on the charger, red light blinks 20 times, then the phone tries to start-up. Sony & Experia displays, then it turns off, the red LED will flash again for 20 times. This process has been busy for hours. I have the phone connected to the PC by USB, but the phone is not recognized by PC.

What is the problem? Why doesn't switch the phone on? Please, can somebody help me to start-up my Xperia arc S again?

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Re: Xperia won't turn on.

Does it happens even if you connect it to wall charger ?

jurriever wrote:

Yesterday I accidentally forgot loading the battery and the phone is lost.

What do you mean by it ? confused

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Re: Xperia won't turn on.

Problem is solved smile happy.

I bought a new wall-charger and USB cable. Result: LED of phone stops flashing and was getting continuous red and now it is orange and will be getting green soon, and the phone will fully start-up now. I think the charger and / or cable was not ok (the original were ever stolen).

Thanks, Jurriever..

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Re: Xperia won't turn on.

my android experia isnot restarting after i have turned it off its only showing the sony logo for a moment then a blank dark screen with a white line at the bottom its not even charging