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Re: Xperia Arc keeps dropping wifi connection

Hi Johan,

Your response implied something.  It implies that SE actually thinks that the phone is perfectly build according to industrial standards.  But it is not perfect.  The phone is not made with any fault tolerance and also to say that not enouh thorough testing had been performed prior the release of the phone to the market.  Yet again, you pointed out that this problem is actually got nothing to do with SE. Quote "But isn't it a access point problem if it send beacons off time?"

If other handphone makers can make their phones work with ANY access points, I will only conclude that it is SE's failure.

I do not know whether what you had mentioned is really the root cause.  But dun you think that this came a tad too late?  After almost 1 year to get this findings?

The important thing is what is SE actually going to do about it rather than just telling us what are the findings.  Of course, the next question is WHEN?  So for the time being, what do you expect customers to do with the handphone?  As a brick at home (it is not that heavy) or a paper weight or as an ornament?

Who can make this decision?  Perhaps you can let us know so that we, as the customers, can come together and voice out to the company.

SE has a long history in making handphones.  I am wondering how come this things can happen time and again.  Wifi is not a new technology too.  That makes me even harder to understand the reason.

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Re: Xperia Arc keeps dropping wifi connection

Same problem, you know one of my friends bought "SE live" -which is much cheaper than arc- and you'll be surprised how the wifi reception is great! and much more better than arc.:smileytongue:
Come on:smileyangry: arc with this very high price SHOULD be the best in wifi reception!!

1- Camera image quality is not that good!

2-Wifi keeps dropping!!

3- ?? God knows what else:smileyshocked:

I'm really sorry to say that I am very disappointed with arc after a whole year of usage and patience. I kept telling myself "Hey maybe the next update will fix it..." but I was wrong.:smileysad:

hope that Sony has changed something in its 2012 phones, this can mean two things:

Oh nooooo, I don't think I'll ever give SE a second chance. Making very expensive products to make people think that they are high quality products; now that's the best way to lose your fans:smileysad:

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Re: Xperia Arc keeps dropping wifi connection


Recently updated my Arc S, to version 0.62 via PC Companion, expecting an improvement in the 2 major problems of this phone, WiFi, and loss of coverage for no reason.

After upgrading, clear to me that none of the 2 things are resolved.

I have lost continuity of coverage for no reason.

And on WIFI, not only is every bit as bad, continuing their loop and missed connections, but also now I can not connect to the WIFI network from work, a company of about 500 people.

That means that I have to go to the support of my company, and every time I hung my wifi be asked to reboot the router? ... this is a shame.

I hope that comes with the ICS, these 2 problems are also fixed permanently, but believe me I will not buy anything that has to do with Sony, and took years buying their products.

But the poor suffer the PS3 wifi, you need to do fancy stuff to have a decent connection, and I will not buy PS VITA, because it can have the same problems.

This phone is a clear example of how not to do things.


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Re: Xperia Arc keeps dropping wifi connection

Ahhh, thanks Johan, because you do what you can, and is welcome, because in the technical media of each country, at least in Spain, make fun of the user who file complaints with this issue because according to them is impossible, the wifi is perfect.

a greeting

Posts: 23
Registered: ‎2012-01-22

Re: Xperia Arc keeps dropping wifi connection

Is it so hard to just copy however its working on ex. Vivaz and us the same method for the arc or if it’s a Android problem? it must be some phones that works find where you can use the same method. It’s been 6 month now I hope it’s more than ONE guy standing there trying to figure out the problem..

1) Or is it -Fuck this we sold it to Sony so now we don’t have to bother with this anymore..

2) Or is it an update that even if you find out the problem we can’t fix it with an download update it has to be a recall and that will never happen.. so we just have to live with it..

Community Manager
Posts: 8,699
Registered: ‎2010-11-12

Re: Xperia Arc keeps dropping wifi connection

We're still looking into to this as I said. Right now we plan to have some improvements with the ICS update. And I'm not saying that our phones are perfect, If you only read some sentences of what I posted. Yes, then it might seem like that but please real my whole post. If there was no problem we wouldn't be having this thread right?

I can understand that you find this problem annoying and that it takes to long time for us to fix, but we're still looking into to it and hopefully we can come to a fix for it as well.

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Re: Xperia Arc keeps dropping wifi connection

Dear Mr Johan,

i'm willing, as nature, to give faith in people. So i'm giving faith in you and your words, but, please, for us customers...




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Re: Xperia Arc keeps dropping wifi connection

Hi Johan.

I have some recent posts on this forum with screen shots etc in an attempt to give you some assistance with this problem. 

Can you/have you replicated this problem ?  (I know how hard it is to fix a problem if it cannot be easily replicated).

If you have not I can consistently replicate the problem and would be more than happy to send you any information you may require if its of any help.



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Re: Xperia Arc keeps dropping wifi connection

Tenho este problema no meu Arc S!

E outro, que é tendo o Arc S a 4 metros do Router já não tem Sinal Maximo :smileyworried: não é aceitável para um Equipamento com estes valores!

Arranjem Solução por favor!!!


Posts: 0

Re: Xperia Arc keeps dropping wifi connection

I have this problem on my Arc S!

And another, who is the bow having ad 4 S metropolitane fare Router already hasMaximum Signal: S is not acceptable for an equipment with these values​​!

About finding a solution favored!