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One time poster
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Registered: ‎2012-04-07

Xperia Arc S communication problem with car bluetooth system

Hello All,

I've read through several discussions around the issue on bluetooth disconnection after upgrading the phone firmware. I'm experiencing a somwhat different problem but perhaps this can also be related to versions.

I have an Xperia Arc S with Android 2.3.4  - 4.0.2.A.0.62 and using a Nokia CK-200 car set with the latest 1.4 firmware installed. I had Nokia phones before without any bluetooth problem but since moving to Xperia unfortuantely I'm struggling with bad bluetooth behaviour. Pairing goes easily and connection seems to be consistent but the only thing that more or less works is phone communication and I'm experiencing several strange issues:

- although phone operation works the sound quality on the other side (so not in my car) reported very noisy

- both phonebook and recent calls download fails

- redirecting audio to the car speaker system does not work as well

Does anybody have an idea what to do?

Best regards,

One time poster
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Registered: ‎2010-11-10

Re: Xperia Arc S communication problem with car bluetooth system

Personally, the answer is No.

I have been waiting over 2 Months for a reply to my issue, fix and i am really starting to have the feeling that Sony are no longer interested in us, the customer, as they have what they wanted from us, our hard earned monies.

The Moderators come on and throw some answers about the place, but again no one sigle member of their team has came back with, "Hey, we have a fix on the way, being developed) or, "Ok, its a Sony Issue".

I think they would much rather have the bad publicity and blame the current issues on the Ericsson brand, as Sony has moved forward with their new range of toys in their eyes.

Sony has certainly lost a lot of reputation in my eyes, as i have been a major customer for many years having their Plasma TV long before moste people, Home Theatre Kits, Cam Corders, DVd Cams, Players, BLue Ray, PS1, 2 & 3.........and this is the way we are being treated!

Community Manager
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Registered: ‎2010-11-12

Re: Xperia Arc S communication problem with car bluetooth system

This has been recongnized and it's still being looked at but unfortunately I have no new info at the moment.

I believe one of the main threads about this problem can be found here:

So let's try to keep this in one thread.

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One time poster
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎2012-04-07

Re: Xperia Arc S communication problem with car bluetooth system

OK, I'll check that stream regularly. Hope you guys (Sony support and R&D) are working on fixing these problems. Do you have an estimation for that?

One time poster
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Registered: ‎2013-03-03

Re: Xperia Arc S communication problem with car bluetooth system

Like most people I have had problems with my Experia Arc S.  I have a mercedes with Command fitted with a Viseeo MB2 bluetooth module.  I have been struggling to get the phone to connect to the car.  Finally I found somewhere on this site someone who knew what I was talking about (not a Sony Engineer).  What they suggested was installing an App called Astro file manager and its bluetooth plug in.  I then had to send a jpg file to bluetooth which made the Arc S ask for the pin code which it had never done before.  It now connects to my car although I have yet to find out if the phone boook has been downloaded.  The end result is that although I like the phone it will be my last sony as no one seems to be ineterersted.