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Registered: ‎2012-10-22

Xperia Arc S Will Not Charge


My Xperia arc s will no longer recognize its charger. I haven't updated recently and I believe the charger itself to be fine because before the battery ran out I could still connect it to my pc (although it would not charge from there either). I think the problem may have something to do with the software, because ever since I last updated my phone whenever I have connected the charge message has appeared from liveware manager asking if I want to find an app for my charger. Today I got annoyed at this message constantly appearing and clicked the tick box in this message and my phone and then tried to charge it and it would not.

Before the battery ran out I tried resetting the settings and phone data but none of that helped.

Is there anything else I could try or do I need to take it to be repaired?

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Registered: ‎2012-03-05

Re: Xperia Arc S Will Not Charge

Dear SingleMort,

Does it charge through DATACABLE on PC?

One time poster
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Registered: ‎2012-10-22

Re: Xperia Arc S Will Not Charge

I think so. I'm trying it now. The phone icon doesn't so up in "My Computer" but the LED light is on and the charging symbol is on the phone screen. This might be down to the phone being off but I'm not sure.

Do you think if it does charge that is should try to roll back Liveware or is there something else I should do?

Edit: Yes its definitely charging the LED just changed from red to orange

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Re: Xperia Arc S Will Not Charge

Have you tried using another USB cable?

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Registered: ‎2013-01-02

Re: Xperia Arc S Will Not Charge

I have the same problem, and yes, I've tried with another USB cable but the phone only charge when connected to PC sad