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Accepted Solution

Xperia Arc/ArcS vs Android 4.0 Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Nexus Xperia ArcAlternatives

Lock Screen

Camera Access

Notifications (ALL/Full)

Lock Screen

Not available

Notifications SMS/MMS



Face UnlockCan't be done Visidon AppLock (front facing camera required)


Integrated Google+


video 1080p


multiple formats



Video 720p (over compressed image)


Different formats(over compressed image)


fix angle (270degrees)

3D panoramic


Panorama (free/pro)

Easy panorama camera

Pano Easy

3D camera

Camera 3D or AndCam3D

Voice Typingnone


Voice SMS



720p 316ppi

Oleophobic surface

3-axis gyroscope


LED-backlit LCD Bravia Engine


4G LTE and HSPA+ 21MBps

4G HSPA+ 14.4MBps

Of course I'll add more info on Ice Cream Sandwich improvements 

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Re: Xperia Arc/ArcS vs Samsung Nexus

Android 4.0Xperia 2.3.4Alternative
Virtual buttons N/A

Virtual buttons

Softkeys for ROOT USERS

Widgets on a similar tab as appsN/A
Folders drag and drop on another iconSame
Home launcher Same
Integrated VoicemailN/A

Google Voice

Visual Voicemail


Pinch-zoom on calendar N/ATouch Calendar Free (double tap)
Offline GmailN/AtoGmail
Screenshot (Power and volume down)Screenshot (Power button )

Better and smarter keyboard

faster copy/paste

easier to add words to dictionary

it's decent
can access apps from lockscreen N/AWidget Locker
New browser up to 16tabs

sync Google Chrome automaticallyN/A

Google Chrome to phone


New ROBOTO font

DATA USAGE control

  1. you can set warnings to pre-set data limit
  2. ability to shut down data traffic once certain

limit has been reached

   3. you can kill apps that are using background data

data on/off widget Data traffic


Zero shutter lag

bulit in photo editor

New gallery


Almost zero shutter lag


picsay, photoshop

Picturen Lite

Social network integration w/ hi-res imagesfacebook integration low-res images
Android beam/NFC feature N/A (lack of hardware)N/A
ANY APP CAN BE DISABLED, even pre-loaded apps

Faster multi-tasking

drop-down menu

slide to right to trash apps that you are not using

Long-press MENU
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Re: Xperia Arc/ArcS vs Android 4.0 Samsung Nexus

Galaxy Nexus


  • Geomagnetic sensor: Brand new tri-axial Yamaha YAS530
  • TouchScreen sensor: Melfas MMSxxx touchscreen
  • Optical / proximity sensor: GP2A (same as Galaxy S and Nexus S)
  • Barometric pressure sensor: BOSCH BMP180 (first of its kind in a smartphone)
  • Triaxial acceleration sensor: BOSCH BMA250
  • Triple Axis MEMS Gyroscope: InvenSense MPU3050
  • Fuel Gauge (algorithm to track battery's state of charge): MAXIM MAX17040


  • CPU: Texas Instruments OMAP4460 (same as the Droid RAZR and Archos G9 tablets), 2047.7 BogoMIPS
  • GPU: Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX 540 (same as the Galaxy S and Nexus S)
  • WiFi / Bluetooth module: Broadcom BCM4330 (same as in the Galaxy S II)
  • Audio codec: Texas Instruments TWL6040
  • HDMI: Silicon Image MHD SiI9234 transmitter over MHL (same as Infuse 4G and GSII)
  • USB Switch: Fairchild semiconductors fsa9480 (industry standard)
  • Framebuffer controller: Samsung S6E8AA0 MIPI LCD with Gamma correction driver

Misc. internals

  • Facial recognition elements (Face Unlock): left eye, right eye, nose base, head, face
  • Available resolution for standard apps: 720 x 1184px
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • LCD Density: 320
  • Default display color depth: 32bit
  • Camera uses OMAP Ducati Subsystem, on-screen preview size is 768 x 576
  • Linux kernel: 3.0.1 compiled for SMP with voluntary kernel preemption for best interactivity
  • Android ROM: version 4.0.1, built October 13, 2011
  • Device name: Maguro
  • Main input/output type supported: Headphone, Speaker, Microphone, Bluetooth, Voice, FM, S/PDIF over HDMI; USB Audio DAC (digital-to-audio converter with USB input and stereo outputs) should also be supported

Thanx Engadget

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Re: Xperia Arc/ArcS vs Samsung Nexus

Currently, Samsung is the Android phone market leader in the following two areas :

1) Latest technology in their phones

2) Ever rising popularity and market share

Unless SE realises that customers of this generation want the latest and greatest stuff, it might not be in the mobile phone business for long. Being a generation behind in technology nowadays is not a good thing. It is a tough and competitive world out there.

Something for the SE bean counters to consider. Sometimes you need to spend some money to make even more money

I have been using Ericsson and then SE phones exclusively for more than 17 years.

In the light of current developments with mobile phones, my next phone purchase could be a Samsung model, whatever is their latest and greatest at the time of my purchase.

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Re: Xperia Arc/ArcS vs Samsung Nexus

I think SE approach until today was to focus not on the cheap phones nor the most advanced phones, that might've worked before, before the smartphones era. Things are different now and if SE's approach is to release phones that look nice but hardware wise its a YEAR behind well sadly SE won't last long.

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Re: Xperia Arc/ArcS vs Samsung Nexus

Time will tell...

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Re: Xperia Arc/ArcS vs Android 4.0 Galaxy Nexus

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Re: Xperia Arc/ArcS vs Samsung Nexus

but i dont like the cheap plastic that they use :@

horrible looks and quality thats why i bought the arc and not s2..

if they can come up with a beauty with brains concept then m sure will buy a samsung..

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Re: Xperia Arc/ArcS vs Samsung Nexus

Carbon Fiber will be great, lightweight, resistant, strong, could make an even slimer phone, that and gorilla glass or dragontrail will be a great convination and it'll be nice if SE stop using those chrome buttons and lines around the phone, I don't know how you feel about it, but it makes it seem a bit cheap (the buttons)

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Registered: ‎2011-06-28

Re: Xperia Arc/ArcS vs Samsung Nexus

nah i dont think it as cheap silly

i mean i have a silver arc and it compliments teh no prob in that silly

do we have phones with carbon fibreshocked