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Recorded video but it has no sound

I have recorded a video but when played back it has no sound? It seemed on closer inspection that any video I tried to record had no sound. Looking at some posts I updated my software. Now I can record videos with sound but can I get the sound back on the old videos?

Thanks :smileyhappy:

Posts: 7,428
Registered: ‎2010-10-29

Re: Recorded video but it has no sound

Hi, unfortunately I don't think that is possible.

Posts: 6,623
Registered: ‎2011-06-28

Re: Recorded video but it has no sound

have you tried playing that clip in different video players..?? try vlc media player , winamp , media player etc etc....

but i agree with gwhispererz , i dont think so you'll hear any sound but you should try :smileyhappy:

One time poster
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Registered: May

Re: Recorded video but it has no sound

Hi, I seem to get sound on video sometimes, but most of the time there isn't, bluebook is off and I'm running latest software version. just got back from dayout in Clacton gutted I have no sound...!