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Heating of Xperia arc S at normal condition

Hello Everyone,

I have read all the posts available here, but my phone's heating problem is somewhat unique. i have been using arc s for about 6 months now. I hadnt have any problem till last week. But since last week i have this heating problem that is totally different. Before normal temp. was about 28-30 deg C at idle state. Now i find my phone's normal temp to be 33-35 deg C at idle state. So whenever i do somework or even jsut slide around the homescreens it goes hot and temp rises. I have seen it to rise upto 43 deg C when i played angrybirds or browsed. so i want to know whats the causes and how can i get it back to normal.


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Re: Heating of Xperia arc S at normal condition

if you feel its somewhat abnormal , then get iit checked at service center

however you may try software repair yourself if you wish
but it would reinstall phone's software which means all phone data would be deleted

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