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Xperia Active problems with wifi and flickering


I've got a brand new Xperia Active and need some help with some problems.

1) The screen flickers sometimes.  I haven't figured out if there is a trigger but it is really annoying.  I have the display brightness set to max.

2) I can't seem to stay connected to wifi and the signal is very weak and intermittent.  I can't listen to internet radio streaming as it keeps dropping the connection.  I've had to revert to using my old Nokia N79 for this which shows quite a strong wifi connection and I have no problems connecting via my laptop either.

I am not very technical and have no idea how to resolve this.  The only thing I could think to try were turning everything off and on again.  I hope someone can help because right now it feels like I have bought a dud phone. sad

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Re: Xperia Active problems with wifi and flickering


Please follow these instructions to fix your Wi-Fi™ problems:

The flickering issue could be hardware related, but you should try to update the phone software first with PC Companion, just in case.

The PC Companion application is a free download that can be found at our website. You will need a Windows™ computer with internet access. Please download PC Companion from

Once you have installed the program and run it, select "Support Zone" and "Software Update". It will give you instructions on how to install it on the computer and how to run it on the phone afterwards. Please make sure the phone and the USB cable are not connected to the PC throughout the installation process. The Update Service is meant to update the software on the phone.

If all the above fails the handset will need to be seen by an approved Sony Mobile service location. Please contact Sony Mobile Customer care for additional troubleshooting and repair options. Please refer to this link and choose the closest location to you.


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Re: Xperia Active problems with wifi and flickering

i had try to refer to the user guide try to update my access point firmware,but i cant find any way to update it, can u show me how to update?step by step?thanks alot