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Help? Changing screen brightness started with a flickering screen

My Xperia Active is barely 3 weeks old, running Android version: 2.3.4 and latest build: 4.0.2.A.0.62. My screen brightness is kept at maximum, I have never dropped this phone or abused it and rest of it's functions are running fine. Barely a week in, it seemed to have a faintly flickering screen which I thought might have just been my eyes going. This week, the  flickering has been replaced by what I would describe as "breathing" - screen brightness goes from max brightness (100%) to gradual dimness (about 78% brightness) to max brightness again - without me touching anything nor am I running out of power. This happens once in a while throught the day, not constantly. Rather alarming as I am getting very attached to this little phone.

I have been checking the SE forums since the 1st week of ownership, the flickering screen problem has been reported occuring to other SE phone models, including the Mini on which the Active has been based. I have wiped all data from my phone and gave it back to the seller for their tech to figure out. My last option if unrepairable, is to ask the seller to replace the unit. I am seeking solutions on what causes the screen brightness to dim then brighten by itself (despite the latest build and software).

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Re: Help? Changing screen brightness started with a flickering screen

I get some flickering but I have only realy noticed it with the USB conected.  That is a lot of time as I am developing but I have just got used to it.

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Re: Help? Changing screen brightness started with a flickering screen

Have you heard anything from your retailer?

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Re: Help? Changing screen brightness started with a flickering screen

If you don't mind riding a racer bike with tires that go flat every few miles, I suppose you can say "I got used to it" and continue suffering. :smileywink: Lots of other people will however point out this isn't how bike tires should perform. The same goes for a phone with fluctuating brightness, this obviously reveals a malfunction somewhere.

I spend weekends sailing and bought this phone precisely for it's "waterproofness". This phone is my "call rescue boat STAT" device in case of a boating emergency like a broken rudder in stormy seas and being swept helplessly towards a rocky coast. This incident actually did happen to us in 2009 and none of our mobiles were waterproof at the time, everyone was busy - one was bailing our sinking boat while we were being pounded by waves, one was keeping us from grinding into the rock cliff while I was trying to shout into my phone for rescue.

Anyways, the fluctuating brightness may just be a precursor to total phone failure. How am I to call for rescue if I discover my phone had fried just when I needed it? An investment in a waterproof VHF radio is possible but rescue in my country is fastest via mobile call.

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Re: Help? Changing screen brightness started with a flickering screen

Shop owner said her tech reports it seems ok, but I think they have not spent most of their waking hours staring at the screen for days as I have (ok, so I've been browsing web pages, checking out Youtube videos, running sailing apps, writing notes and pretty much trying built in and some Android market apps).

The PDF user guide page 18, states, "...the light sensor detects ambient light level and adjusts screen brighness accordingly." The problem occurs once in a while as I mentioned, screen brightness fluctuates despite my phone and I being in steady light. Is it possible the light sensor is "oversensitive" to the slightest changes in ambient light coming from the windows? Looks like there is a very interesting discussion on the Ambient Light Sensor thread on this possibly being a software issue.

I did inform the shop that there might be a newer build; my unit is due for the build update and observation afterwards. if any problems, the shop is willing to replace my unit to keep the peace (retailer is a registered trusted shop selling under, which has customer satisfaction policies in place). Retailer hopes replacement unit (if it comes to that) will not be buggy either.

I will post updates. As far as I know, there are no "Assumed Answered" status at this point.