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T9 keyboard

In 4,2,2 you have T9 witch I love to use and always
After update to 4,3 it was still her.
Then I had to make a repair of the software on pcc.
Then I started to make a text message when I discovered my T9 was gone
After update to the latest 4.3 version 136!!!!
And still not there also the option to tic and untic 12 key's keyboard is gone
What happened with it
Will there be a fix for this
Thanks in advance
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Re: T9 keyboard




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  Re: T9 keyboard on 4.3

In Android 4.3 we have no preinstalled T9 keyboard. I've forwarded this as feedback internally but i don't know if it will be added again.

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Re: T9 keyboard

Please add T9 again!!!
One of the resons why I bought my Z1 compact after having a V, was becsuse of the great T9 keyboard! And now it's gone :-(
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Traditional 12 buttons keyboard in Spanish Mobile



I have the spanish version of the Xperia Z1 and I can't choose the traditional 12 buttons mask of my keyboard. I know that in other countries it's possible, but I don't know why this option is banned in my country. I don't want to download another keyboard from Google Play, I want the official one.


Please, introduce this option in the next update, I don't know why Spain is discriminated!

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Re: T9 keyboard

Why would you take away something like that? It was the most functional and noworries I struggle to send proper sms. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!! Why fix what isn't broken?
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Re: T9 keyboard

Try use 'Smart Keyboard Pro' from Google Play Store. Works great for me.