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One time poster
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎2013-04-03

the phone time keeps changing

Has anyone else had any issues with the phone time keep changing. I have disabled auto update, and it still changes the time. Its not an issue with time zone or anything like that. The issue mainly appears to happen when I lock my phone and dont use it for the day, and it keeps the time when it was locked. This has even happened over night, and since i use this phone as an alarm, you can imagine is frustrating!!

Posts: 1,103
Registered: ‎2013-03-16

Re: the phone time keeps changing

this is something nobody else has reported so you have a couple of options

First completely reset the phone or do an update repair through sus or PCC - this will ensure there are no apps installed that might be having an adverse effect on time etc run it for a few days and see if the fault is still there

If it is still not working correctly then you most likely have a hardware fault and need to return it to the store for repair or replacement