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Registered: ‎2013-05-06
Accepted Solution

Xperia Z sim card tray lost

While getting my new xperia z activated i opened the cover over the slot and took out the tray, i ended up loosing it but luckily it still works fine without it but i would like to know where i would be able to purchase a new one. while getting it connected i also noticed that my phone number comes up as unknown even though everything is working properly and i want to know if its possible to change/fix this. thanks

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Re: Xperia Z sim card tray lost

contact your local Sony or go to a Sony store

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Re: Xperia Z sim card tray lost

I got sim card tray on here

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Re: Xperia Z1 sim card tray lost

im from malaysia..i haved lost my sim card trey while changing xperia Z1 C6903 does it cost to buy?