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Registered: ‎2013-09-28

Compatible on South Korean networks?

Hey everyone!


I am just about to purchase the Xperia Z Ultra (Over the Galaxy Note 3) to be used in South Korea. I am a student here, and am fed up with Samsung's Galaxy line (And of course, iPhone is a joke). 


I use Korea's largest telecom operator SK Telecom, and they use mainly 4G LTE, as that is the norm by Korean telecom operators these days. 


Before I hit the pay button, I need to be sure this phone is not only compatible with Korean networks, but I can use all of the features while living here. Meaning I can access their LTE networks and take advantage of the crazy fast data speeds here (One of the perks of Seoul living). 


Does anyone have any similar experience with this? 


I found on SK's Wiki page the following speficiations for networks used here, and am not sure whether the XPeria Z Ultra is compatiable with one of the following (Am a bit techno-illiterate when it comes to these things)... 


Anyone can help me out? 




As of September 2012, SK Telecom operates 2G IS-95/CDMA 20003G WCDMA/HSPA+4G Mobile WiMAX, and LTE network.


Frequencies used on SKTelecom Network in KoreaFrequency Frequency Width Protocol Class Note

800 MHz (824~829,869~874)10MHzCDMA2G 
850 MHz (829~839,874~884)20MHzLTE3.9GBand 5 (main frequency)
1800 MHz (1715~1725,1730~1735,1810~1830)35MHzLTE3.9GNew band 3
1800 MHz (1755~1765,1850~1860)20MHzLTE3.9GBe returned by 1Q 2014
2100 MHz (1930~1960, 2120~2150)60MHzUMTS/HSPA3.5G 
2300 MHz (2300~2327)27MHzMobile WiMAX3.9G
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Registered: ‎2013-10-18

Re: Compatible on South Korean networks?

I'm in Seoul - the C6833 is supposidly compatible with pretty much every LTE band in the world. - I'm on KT and it connects to 4G every so often but is mostly just connecting to 3G/HSPA+.


I am on a LTE plan - so even when on 3G it's eating data, wouldn't be such an issue if on unlimited 3G I suppose.


All that said - pretty awesome phone! 

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Registered: ‎2012-09-11

Re: Compatible on South Korean networks?

[ Edited ]

Both LTE Models (C6833 and C6806) will opertate fine on 850 / 1800 / frequencies


Xperia Z Ultra

4G NetworkLTE 700 / 850 / 900/ 1700 / 1900 / 2100 / 2600 - C6806
 LTE 800 / 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100 / 2600 - C6833


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