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W8 dead / hard brick?PLEASE HELP!!

hi yal , my new w8 got hard bricked a few days ago .. it's only 3weeks old and i loved it ...i tried to unlock bootloader when my phone suddenly shut down and never vibrations , no light . no screen no nothing ..i connect to the pc but my comp cant detect the phone (maybe cause it's off all these while ) , cause i cant connect to pc i cant SEUS , PCC or flashtool ...i send it to aa repairman but i fear he cant do a thing i am in a panic cant find other ways..i posted in 3 forums but none is helping me .. i heard of jtag but how much will it cost? and is it 100% effective? and does every repairman knows how to jtag?

heres my specs



why bricked :unlocking bootloader

condition : perfect , rooted and rommed


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Registered: ‎2010-09-20

Re: W8 dead / hard brick?PLEASE HELP!!

I suggest you go to the forum at XDA Developers and see if they can help with this. Since your warranty already is gone it could be a good idea to ask the experts in that forum. They're much more educated on unlocking boot loaders and tweaking the software etc. Good luck! :smileyhappy:

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Re: W8 dead / hard brick?PLEASE HELP!!

you can try to flash a Custom ROM

for 2.2 or 2.3 try this

ROMs available for X8 and W8 users

or you can check this thread

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Re: W8 dead / hard brick?PLEASE HELP!!

I've feel the same issue..

but now I download the service update software from the site and do waht ever it said.. Finally It detetct my phone and download the firmware..


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Registered: ‎2014-01-16

Re: W8 dead / hard brick?PLEASE HELP!!

hello .. :smileyhappy: mmm .. :smileysad: i got same problem bro .. can u give me the download link of tht software tht u use to fix ur phone ?? i need it ... immediately ..:'(