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Sony Ericsson PC Companion won't up date my Xperia X8 to Android 2.1

My Xperia X8 is currently using the old version of Android I think 1.6 as my phone keeps telling me I need to update it to 2.1.  I have been trying to do this with PC Companion but every time I try it, the software gets to the preparation section and tells me installation error - unable to install or start phone software update components. I then have no option but to close the box.  I then get another box come up saying the update of software failed. Please try again or consult Sony Ericsson support for assistance at  I have tried several times to do it through PC Companion but it just will not work.

My phone is telling me that the firmware version is 2.1 update 1, I did upgrade it to Android 2.1 when I first got the phone, but I had to do a factory reset of the phone due to an error, which set it back to Android 1.6.

I seem to recall when I updated it last time I had the same problem and was given some guidance through this forum on how to do the upgrade, but I now cannot find the posting on the forum to do it again.

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you

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Registered: ‎2010-10-29

Re: Sony Ericsson PC Companion won't up date my Xperia X8 to Android 2.1

Hi, kind of strange that a factory reset downgraded phone from Android 2.1 to 1.6.

Anyway, try updating with SE Update Service, here's the link,

Let us know how it goes.