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Re: Xperia X10 restarts itself


you need to talk to MartyMF,

he had his replaced and perhaps it is the place you send it too that matters..

I've also heard it said that the phone has to be sent in 3 times before they will replace the whole phone or motherboard.

This 3 times is a really odd way to service somone's request...especially if the first 2 dont actually fix the problem at all..

its almost understandable if the first 2 fix the problem momentarily... but if you get the phone back and it is still broken then the 3 returns policy ought to be null and void

and you should just get given a  new phone in my opinion.

talk to MartyMF who has had a replacement.

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Re: Xperia X10 restarts itself

it looks like we bought a bad batch guys. got my phone back after a month. SE replaced the MOBO.  got the temperature up to 116F but no longer experienced restart. So just keep on returning your phones. After 3 or 4 returns sony will replace your motherboard.

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Re: Xperia X10 restarts itself

Hi all,

This will probably be my  last post, as i may not going forward have much value to contribute to this forum. As indicated in my maiden post I finally disposed of my X10 (at a loss of course). I moved back to Nokia specifically the N8 which in my opinion is the closest in terms of features to the X10.

Truth be told ,the X10 has the potential of being an excellent phone, specifically, I  will certainly miss the mediascape feature which I thought was amazing and the expansive android market which featured a seemingly  endless array of innovative applications.

I cannot help feeling that I may have given up to soon,however, it is critical for me to have a reliable working phone around the clock.

I hope SE will eventually be able to address the evident problems with the phone.



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Re: Xperia X10 restarts itself

My friend got Nokia C7, which is similar to N8.

But sad to say, after using Android and now 2.1, I feel Symbia^3 is very low in state, which cannot be compared to Android and iOS.

Android and iOS rocks!!!!

I do not know how Windows Phone works :smileyhappy:

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Re: Xperia X10 restarts itself

Good luck with your new phone and trust me you are going to need it.

Thr N8 is a phone but it's clunky and sluggish, it's got a smaller screen than the X10, you can't swap batteries on the fly and it's running an operating system older than 1.6.

On the outside it may be new but on the inside it's just more of the same from Nokia.

Before the X10, I had five Nokia 5800's in a year, all replaced due to unrepairable faults - no bluetoooth on three of them, a dead screen on another and one that just bricked itself after an update - we've still got two of them 'working' (my wife and our eldest son) although neither of the now out of warranty phones have working bluetooth. A trip to our local Nokia service centre and we were told that 'they all do that there's no point fixing them.

I'll stick with my X10 if you don't mind :smileyhappy:

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Re: Xperia X10 restarts itself


Seeing this post I was taken aback, I had a sense of deja vu of the problems I faced when I was using the P1i, I love the phone but had frequent restarts and hang ups. I have been using the X10 for nearly 15 days and just come across the problem once and it was due to some glitches in my laptop's USB port.

i believe Symbian phones faces this problem more frequently.

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Re: Xperia X10 restarts itself


I have now sent the phone in for the fourth fuck-ing time!!

I gave them a detailed letter with it, giving all full on detailed discription of how many times i have sent it in

and what cuases it to overheat and how to re-create the symptoms.

and asked them to sign that they have read it

and still i get the same phone, same hardware firmware re-flashed.

When ever the GSM modem is in usage it boils! it freaking nukes of heat!!!!

I am so Pi$$ED off!!!

I am so fuck-ing tired of this phone it makes my head hurt.

I cant sell it

I can't afford a new phone.

Someone please kill me!:smileyangry::smileyangry::smileyangry::smileyangry::smileyangry:


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Re: Xperia X10 restarts itself

I have been having the same reboot problems with my XPERIA X10 as everyone else. I started having problems in just 25-30 days of buying the phone. first i thought it was s/w issue. later my phone wont charge, it wont even start. I took the phone to the service centre where they told me that the motherboard was defective and it will take a month to get the phone repaired. When asked for a replacement the SE service centre guys say that "theres no replacement policies for INDIA". Now when I get my phone and if the phone continues to have problems I'll again have to go through the whole procedure of visiting the SE service centre, hours of waiting in line, and then a monht for my phone to get REPAIRED -every time I have the problem And if the problems persists even after a year SE wont accept the Phone then as i would be out of WARRANTY then.

I feel like SE has conned everyone into buying this useless phone. I  got this phone for 26k and my salary is 12k. Imagine spending your two  months' salary on so called HIGH-END phone which wont work. You might  have fancy pay packages from SE but for someone like me its so  frustrating... I am giving my XPERIA's workorder details below, Please help me if you can

Workorder number:smileyworried:E310RT320290                Submitted on :Nov 13 2010

Product Detail: X10 i

IMEI: 359419034933928

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Re: Xperia X10 restarts itself

i have a similar problem

i upgraded the android.

formatted the sd card.

changed the sd card.

stopped playing games.

stopped browsing.

stopped anything other than dialing numbers.

next thing i need to stop charging......   the problem is more frequent during charging.

after that i need to stop talking.

why would i buy a sony android phone if i was just to carry it as a show piece .... i would rather prefer a post card.

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Re: Xperia X10 restarts itself


I know that mine restarts if the phone cpu gets hot.

install setcpu and see what the temperature of the cpu is.

Is there a correlation between the chip running hot and the restarting.

if so use setcpu or a similar app to slow down the processor when it does get hot that it does not restart.

otherwise its a faulty motherboard and you need to send it back to Sony.