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Will Xperia X10 mini ever delete SMS messages by itself?

Hello there,

will the Xperia X10 mini ever delete sms messages by itself (automatically), like when there's is no space left for new incoming sms messages?

If that should be the case, how can I prevent specific sms messages from being automatically deleted?

If it's not the case, what happens when there is no space left for a new incoming sms message and a new message arrives?



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Registered: ‎2010-06-05

Re: Will Xperia X10 mini ever delete SMS messages by itself?

Does the mini have the 'Backup and restore' function?  If so, you can always make a back-up of your messages through that, and they will be saved on the memory card.  There might well be other ways, too, such as through synchronising, but thyat ios something I have no understanding of.

I don't know if the phone will ever automatically delete messages if there is no space left for incoming messages.  I'm pretty sure you could keep the messages stored on your computer, if you really want to keep that many of them.  If not, it'd probably be better just to delete them as you go.

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Re: Will Xperia X10 mini ever delete SMS messages by itself?

Hello sushidushi,

yes, the X10 mini has a backup & restore function -- thanks for the hint, I didn't know yet about that function! :smileyhappy:

I have set it up as to backup regularly my sms messages. So even if at some point older messages will automatically be deleted because of insufficient space for new incoming messages, I will still have them available on the sd card.