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My Xperia X10 will not turn on at all

I know people have brought up this question/ concern up many times, but it has no resolved my problem. So I someone can please help me out and tell me what I should do.

I have a Sony Xperia X10. It use to work perfectly fine without any hassle/ troubles. Then RANDOMLY one day I was using it and it just shut off. Ever since then the phone has no given any response (by that I mean it does turn on, charge, or get connected/ recognized by a computer or laptop). If I plug the phone into something such as a wall outlet or a pc then the red light at the top of the phone turn on for a second then turns off again.

Once in a while when I try to charge it, it "tries" to charge and will turn on for about 10 seconds then shut back off before it can even make it to the home page.

I have tried everything such as pulling the battery, charging it for hours, I even called Sony Ericson and a representative told me to do a software upgrade which I could not do because the phone would no connect to the computer but then I kept trying and then eventually it worked and did a software upgrade but then just shut off again.

So my concern is what went wrong or what should I do to fix this problem so that I can start to use my phone again?


Sony Xperia Support
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Registered: ‎2011-02-07

Re: My Xperia X10 will not turn on at all

I can only suggest that you get the handset to a repair agent for repairs as the handset may have a hardware issue, you can get the details of a service centre by simply contacting the Sony Mobile representatives within your country.


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