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Xperia X1 Stopped working

Hi, I've had my Xperia X1 since christmas 2008, About 2 weeks ago while i was writing a text and the screen went blank so i just thought my battery had gone. when i got home i put it on charge over night and when i got up in morning i tried turning it on and nothing happened (i mean that little vibrate it dones when it switches on), so i took the battery out for 5 minutes then put it back in and tried again and it did that vibrate thing but nothing came up on screen but then someone started ringing me (still nothing on screen) and when i pressed button to answer it, it wouldn't answer and kept on ringing. I've tried updating the software from my laptop and i think it updated it but i couldn't tell because i can't see anything lol but it's still the same. i haven't dropped it or anything so i haven't got a clue why it's suddenly stopped working.....please help i'm using my old old normal boring phone and it's driving me mental because it's sooooo slow lol ...Thanks :smileyhappy:

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Registered: ‎2010-04-23

Re: Xperia X1 Stopped working

If the software on your phone is updated, the Update Service should  have said (on the screen of the laptop) that it was updating your phone, and that the update was successful.  If that isn't working, here is a link to worldwide phone numbers for Sony Ericsson support, you can check possible repair options and locations of nearby repair centres with your local support dept.:


Sony Ericsson Answers Team

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Re: Xperia X1 Stopped working

Thank you for your help, i emailed sony ericsson and they have said that with what i've decribed i'm better off sending it to them, so just packaging it up to be sent of now....Thank you.

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Need windows for Xperia X1


My X1 having a problem during windows updation (your mobile contain in valid windows), I need to refresh / install fresh windows on my X1,but i have no idea where i can get / download windows for my X1,

Kindly help me on this regads.