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unrespodable - laggy buttons

Will Sony be able to make the buttons more responsive? It's one of some issues... i guess

Mine are really annoying - what about you guys?

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Registered: ‎2010-09-20

Re: unrespodable - laggy buttons

Some users seem to agree with you that these soft buttons are a bit unresponsive. Hopefully it's just a case of something you need to get used to but I will of course forward your feedback on this.

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Re: unrespodable - laggy buttons

The responsiveness of the capacitive buttons are terrible, everyone agrees on that. Check any blog review site and they will tell you the exact same.

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Re: unrespodable - laggy buttons


I posted on this a couple of weeks ago but I'm happy to reiterate what was said then.

Like many users I found the three buttons at the bottom of the handset to be slow and insensitive to a simple touch. At first, a lengthened tap seemed to be more effective at getting a response. However, this is counter-intuitive to the way one expects these buttons to work. The rest of the phone requires a light, brief 'tap' and getting into the habit of slowing down for some actions is not easy.

Quite by chance I found that a small upwards swipe from the clear section and over the buttons works every time.

It is a movement we are familiar with from other actions users need to learn to operate a touch screen and it can easily be done with a thumb or finger, either for left or right-handed users.

Do try it and see how you get on. Different phones have different characterisitics, just like all devices. We get used to hardware buttons like volume controls and power buttons being different shapes and sizes and requiring different pressures to be used, so why not with touch sensitive technology as well.