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Accepted Solution

Update for Xperia s Or Xperia HD (LT26i)


I'm new in hear and i like to ask, if somebody knows when comes a new update of Android ICS for the new Xperia S

I have make some research but i can't find some information for my equipment!

If somebody can help me


(something about my english, it's because i'm Portuguese)

Thanks again for some usefull help

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Registered: ‎2012-01-10

Re: Update for Xperia s Or Xperia HD (LT26i)

Hi buddy, and welcome to the forum

Keep your eyes on the blogs for latest official news

this is the info we have at present

Finally, with regards to our all new Sony Xperia S, which will be upgraded to Android 4.0 starting from the later part of the second quarter, we will get back with more detailed information on timing over the next weeks.

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Re: Update for Xperia s Or Xperia HD (LT26i)

thanks for the answer, but i just want ot know when the ics comes to portugal!

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Re: Update for Xperia s Or Xperia HD (LT26i)

I doubt sony will answer that question, since they just start the roll out by the end of the month and they won't say when an specific country/region or SI number will get it

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