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Posts: 51
Registered: ‎2012-04-11
Accepted Solution

SXS compatibility with in-built car bluetooth

Given: Xperia S and Volvo XC70 in new body (4 years old). Connection to factory installed bluetooth system goes well. I can access phone book and call lists. Call lists, however, are synced only once at connection.

Outgoing calls - no problem.

Incoming call - when I push a button on the steering wheel to accept the call in 80% of cases there is no sound via loud speakers. The phone still receives the call and I can talk using the phone. After 30-40 seconds while I speak over the phone my car bluetooth says connection to the phone is lost. When I finish the call on the phone it shuts down! It would re-start after 5-7 minutes only!

I had the same with Arc after it got upgraded to later versios of OS (I do not remember when it started).

Tried many things. Any suggestion?