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Chinese input for XPERIA S

Hi there!! Anyone know how to activate chinese input for Xperia S? I had tried setting, writting language, but i just can't CHINISE in the list! Is that mean it can't write or type chinese in Xperia S? Or do i need to download a language pack? If yes, then i can i download it? Thank you for advanced.


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Re: Chinese input for XPERIA S

open messaging app>new message> tap and hold on input tray > input method> chinese keyboard

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Re: Chinese input for XPERIA S

Oh the irony!

I have a Chines Xperia S (with pinyin language input, plus others) and have been wishing I had waited until I got back to the UK to buy it.

Fancy a swap? :smileyhappy:

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Re: Chinese input for XPERIA S

where is the input tray ?

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Re: Chinese input for XPERIA S

input tray - where the aphabets \ letters appear when you write a message.. just long press that box above the keyboard..