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Apps from Internal Storage to SD Card

Hi there,

Are we able to transfer apps from the internal storage to the SD Card?

Is app transfer possible only between the phone and internal memories?

I have already viewed this thread ( but I just want to see if the forum has an idea on how to do such.


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Re: Apps from Internal Storage to SD Card

Not all apps can be moved, to do it go to settings>apps then on internal tab, you will see apps which are not marked are on phone memory, apps which are marked are on internal storage, to move them just click on app and you will see "move to internal memory" button.

Other way to do it is to get app such as "all in one toolbox" and you can move them in few clicks, plus you get more usefull tools...

Howether this method is to move apps from phone memory to internal storage, I got about 2 gb of phone memory and 11 gd of internal storage, so its enough for all apps and staff, if you buy "micro sdhc" card you can add up to 32 gb of external memory how I know (not with micro sd card) and is better to store all the other staff like pictures and videos in there, since I'm sure you can change defaults in camera settings. Cant say if you can move apps to micro sdhc card.

Sony Xperia Support
Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Apps from Internal Storage to SD Card

Unfortunately you can only move apps to the internal storage and not the SD card. The SD card is only usable for media type files.

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Re: Apps from Internal Storage to SD Card

Why is it so stupid?