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Xperia Play with a messed up(grey) screen?

Right now my Xperia Play screen is messed up screen. It started today when sliding the gamepad would freeze the system. Now, the screen is making this grey screen (pictures below) and freezes. Sliding out the gamepad and sliding it in seems to unfreeze it for a few seconds sometimes. Though, mostly, there's this. Is there any way I can maybe completely wipe my phone and reinstall Android? I have already flashed it a few times. Or is this a hardware issue and will I have to go to AT&T to see if I'm able to get a new phone?

2012-04-12 18-28-27.045.jpg

2012-04-12 18-28-41.374.jpg

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Re: Xperia Play with a messed up(grey) screen?

did you find solution to this  problem? same problem with my play and im getting frustrated with this no support or what so ever on what should i do to fix my phone.. help pls....