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Xperia Play - > Gaming + TeamSpeak

Hello guys, I wanted to buy an Xperia Neo V, but now I'm thinking of buying an Xperia Play instead. Can my Play run the same games as the Neo V? I mean a game like ,,Where's my water" doesn't have Xperia Play optimized version, but it shouldn't have because the only thing you do is you touch the screen and move your finger. Can I still play those games on my Xperia Play? Like that labyrinth game(where you have to tilt your device), etc

And another question about Xperia Play, can some of you Play owners check if it can run TeamSpeak 3? Here's a link from Market.:

And some other games I'd like to run on my Play.:

Can someone please check if these games even work on the phone?

Thank you


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Re: Xperia Play - > Gaming + TeamSpeak

I have tested this and the only app that can not be downloaded from the Android Market on to the Xperia™ PLAY is 'Plants vs. Zombies.' However this may be due to my current location.

It is most likely that games listed above won't be fully supported by the dedicated gaming keys. This is normally only possible with games downloaded from the Xperia™ PLAY app or the Playstation ® Pocket service.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Xperia Play - > Gaming + TeamSpeak

Hello, all the games worked without slowing down / lagging? And a question about teamspeak, were you able to connect to a server too?

And thank you very very very much by the way smile happy