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Remove bloat - Xperia Play boots 3 times faster, 250MB more memory!

There's a list up over on XDA of the apps that SE force onto your phone that can actually be safely removed. Results indicate that by removing these apps, you gain the following benefits:

- Boot time now is less than a minute (it took 3+ minutes before)
- Battery life is much better!
- ~250Mb of free memory
- Phone works faster (At least feels like. Didn't test)

Here are the steps to remove the bloat from your Xperia Play:

1 - Root the phone (search these forums for Gingerbreak to see how)

2 - Install 'Root Uninstaller'

3 - The following bloat can be safely uninstalled:

- Android Live Wallpapers
- Live Wallpapers Catalogue
- Chinese keyboard
- The Sims
- Star Battalion
- News and Weather
- Street View
- Office Suite
- Crash Bandicoot (playing Playstation games using FPSE)
- Media Server
- Event Thread Block
- Timescape legacy extension wrapper
- Twitter module
- Anonymous usage stats
- Distributed demo version
- Sony Ericsson sync
- Sync
- Sony Ericsson Sync master client
- Timescape
- Postcard

Obviously, use your discretion when deciding what bloat to remove. If you play FIFA every day, don't remove it! If you need a Chinese keyboard, don't remove it! Also, do not remove anything else in the above list as it may render your phone unbootable. Remember that root access allows you to do powerful things to your phone that you otherwise would not be able to do (such as removing the crap). It's therefore your responsibility to ensure that you understand the risks and benefits before you begin!

Have fun!