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Bad service by service centre in Ameerpet, hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


        I have bought an Xperia Play here in hyderabad, andhra pradesh about 5 months ago. It started showing problems soon after 2 months with blank display. I was really dissapointed because i was really fond of SE Xperia Play. But the real sad part is I gave it for service in the certified SE service centre here in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. It is almost 1 month since I gave it,  but till now they keep saying that they could get that flex. Iam really dissapointed with the service. I never expected SE would take so long to give a good service to it's customer.

                      My req is that sir, I immediately within 2 days hould get back my Xperia Play with all the service needed as I have my original Bill and Warranty also OR atleast I DEMAND A NEW XPERIA PLAY because it still under warranty. Hope you will understand my anguish . Iam ready to enclose my original Bill and warranty to your personal mail. Reply at the earliest .

                                                                                      Thanking you.

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Re: Bad service by service centre in Ameerpet, hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Please reply as soon as possible with your repair ticket ID / reference number so I can have our staff in Hyderabad get in contact with you to resolve this situation. PM me your full name and phone number also.

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Re: Bad service by service centre in Ameerpet, hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

surya i am also form hyderabad and i use mini pro sk17i , i also experienced same issue with they, to be raw those illeterate people dont know what the problems are and dont even know how to rectify them, what they do is just software re install and if problem persist send the mobile to chennai and replace the motherboard which is 15 day process, they dont know anyother repairing other than that .

and even if u get ur mobiel after that there is no gurantee that ur problem is solved like mine i got my mobile twice back but no problem solution.

just go to khairtabad service centre aks the the manager number they will give cal him and say your problem and he will give the same reply what customer care ppl give . well try this hoep it might wokr for u.


my ticket id is SE31162412583,SE31262410107 there are my work order numbers if u can help me please help me also jeff-SEanswers.


and to at last please tell sony to educate thier engineers at customer care with latest problems .

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Re: Bad service by service centre in Ameerpet, hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

My Reference number is -92377868

and my complaint number is SEF122001415


      I have already provided the service centre people with my number and details. But just in case u need them You can contact me on -9959622422 and my name is Surya Teja J.  It's been 1 1/2 months since I gave it for repair. Sir, I had lot of expectations on SE. And also when I tried to complaint about this to SE department, they say " This is not a big issue. we will sove it. Dont worry" . How can they say just like that not to worry . I have bought the phone for Rs. 30000 and it started problem within first 5 months. I am very dissapointed sir. I would like to hear from you at the earliest. I can only wait 10 more days at the max.