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Posts: 215
Registered: ‎2011-11-19

No Wrist Strap Attachment

Just my opinion, but the product team really missed the mark by not having the legacy wrist strap attach point on the P.

That feature is nearly a Sony Ericsson standard.  It made their phones very unique.

I was planning on going to a Nxt P but will not do so because of this.

Bob H

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Registered: ‎2010-09-20

Re: No Wrist Strap Attachment

Point noted and forwarded to the designers.

I hope you can find a different phone model that suits you better. smile happy

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Re: No Wrist Strap Attachment

As an owner of such a device and also being a design student i can confirm that

the eyelet for a lanyard (wrist strap) would create another opening on the otherwise closed and sealed NXT devices.

Even if they do that there are physical restraints....

1 You cannot put your lanyard at the base because its a removable part and will not guarantee firm attachment...

2 On the upper body - not possible because its a pure casing devoid of any put the lanyard you must be able to open the device (something that doesn't fit the Minimalistic Unibody Philosophy)

apart from that the device is a creation of excellent craftsmanship (P specifically) and engineering.....the transparent bar aside the device looks like an ! exclamation mark - from the side view...which is just another Wow factor

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Registered: ‎2012-06-14

Re: No Wrist Strap Attachment

I agree with your opinion r.458 blush

BUT I hapen to own also the Xperia S, which has if not similar form factor and design It is somewhat look-alike with Xperia P

Xperia S on the bottom HAS a wrist strap/lanyad slot...

Just my 2 €uro-cents :smileywink:

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Re: No Wrist Strap Attachment

I Guess thats because the platic underneath the transperent bar on Xperia S cannot be detached.....however i'm not sure its true....could you confirm? because shows that the base is screwed to the chasis of the phone...

good to know i can apply what i learnt smile happy !

Posts: 27
Registered: ‎2012-06-14

Re: No Wrist Strap Attachment

I did also a little research because I never tried to mess with my XPP and XPS

Yes the Xperia P is detachable because Sony put there a sticker with some device info

Whilst on Xperia S the back cover is detachable thus all needed info are on a sticker beneath the back cover

Instead of doing this Sony could engrave on the bottom of the plastic Cap of XPP all needed Info

Like this -->  Click me

and follow the design path of XPS to XPP (base is screwed to the chasis of the phone) thus enabling device to also have a lanyard/hand strap slot... :smileywink:

What do you think? smile happysmile cool

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Re: No Wrist Strap Attachment

yeah that would be a good idea smile happy
the designers thought otherwise...maybe they really wanted it to be a clean device without any prints...

they seem to abondon the cool looking HD logo near their camera as well....they used it on many 2011 devices

methinks their all clean look made the xperia P backside , a little boring...

they had to keep the device base easily removable because it also contains the "water intrusion indicator" the checking of which is really important for guys at the service station.....for S though they have it near the battery..for which the back panel is removable..