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bugs in mix walkman.

when the new updates will be available for mix walkman?? here are some suggestion and hopes sony will imporve that bugs.its realyy annoying,

1. phone get hanged during recieving incomming call,touchsreen stop working.

2. on pinch to zoom camera clicked images the image got blurred with a slight zoom

3. camera images lack details and sharpness,it appears as if the images are distorted beside having a 3.2 have no nightmode setting. file manager ..realyy irritrating

5. very poor audio quality both in headphone and speaker,volume is very low

6.there is no album video sending option through bluetooth.

7.battery backup below average. java application support theme applying option

10. no option to change walkmna player player even does not have a repeat option.

11.when applying a 240 * 400 resolution wallpapers the image fit to screen in vertically but as the phone rotates horizontally the wallpaper does not fit to the screen rather it adjust itself in half way.

12.phones goes slow down when navigate through a song list in walkman player or camera album.

13.every time accesing a system through java application it shows a message ALLOW APPLICATION TO READ AND WRITE USER DATA.


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Re: bugs in mix walkman.

got my money wasted sad

SE released a lame product

i'm reffering to WT13i Mix Walkman

and i think SE wont bother taking this in consideration since their focus is on android phones

this might be the last time that i will be buying a phone from SE


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Re: bugs in mix walkman.

I'll forward your post so it can be taken in consideration for future updates.

I don't have any info for the time being saying when or if there will be any new updates though. This phone model is however not that very old so we have not forgotten about it despite the fact that we mainly focus on Android, just like EH01 posted.

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Re: bugs in mix walkman.

ok im rly disappointed from this phone and seriosly make some software to improve it . It is such a mess no file manager sucks + the camera does it have any other performance except to set it as a wallpaper or delete it ??

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Re: bugs in mix walkman.

hiee sir..

please read this entire message.

I'm using Sony Ericsson mix Walkman phone.

i just want you to bring some knowledge regarding your phone. this phone lacks basic feature of file manager, for the photos of higher mb's your phone acts as dumb.

this phone was just waste of money and incomplete development.. please ask your developing learn to learn some thing wen it comes to development,

just learn something from NOKIA they replaced all their bl_5c series batteries when they realized the product is faulty in past.

so i also recommend you to call all your mix phone and add file manager in the phone, and also a updated software to view pics with higher mb's... plz

try to maintain your customer rather forcing them to switch to something else in future.. i had also used w350 i was satisfied i used it for 3 yrs  .. hence when it came to taking a  new i opt Sony Ericsson again.. i was not satisfied dis time  and developing team also forgot about megabass which was key feature of Walkman series phone.

dont be business minded.. just try to satisfy your customer ..

try to read review of your phone online u'll come to know..

hope u'll find a solution...

thanking you in anticipation..

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Re: bugs in mix walkman.

You should take this product into consideration sir bmany of us WT13i(MIX walkman) users are really disappointed with its lame performance!!

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Re: bugs in mix walkman.