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W995 - trouble with PC Companion


First issue is that PC Companion keeps showing 'trying to connect' when I connect with Bluetooth (It works fine with USB).

Second issue, and I really need to work this one out:

I can't upload my textmessages.

My goal is to read and delete the message on my pc (so they will also be deleted on my phone), because I just got to many, and it's to hard to read them one by one, and don't want to delete all!

So I used te SMS app (dutch version, the app for your messages) in PC companion and I can send messages, but I can't retrieve my message from my phone (and yes my message are saved to my phone memory not to my memory card).

Everything stay empty in the app, only the message that I sended through the computer are their!

So if anyone can help, or it's not clear, just ask!

My W995 is up to date, not so old.

Greets, laurens

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Registered: ‎2010-08-16

Re: W995 - trouble with PC Companion

I suggest you use the My Phone Explorer application (free from the internet) to sync your texts with the PC, as it allows you to upload all your texts and read them even without the phone being connected.It also allows you to delete messages, send messages on the PC, print them out in different formats, restore them back to the phone, archive them, etc

As for the Bluetooth connection to PC Companion or PC suite, connect your phone to the PC via the BT Serial Port Service, open up the application and the connection should be established automatically within a couple of minutes.

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Re: W995 - trouble with PC Companion

Thanks, I'll try it when I get back from school!

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Re: W995 - trouble with PC Companion

It's working, it is now uploading my text!

It's not very fast, but will get their.

Thank again Chris!