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Sony Ericsson V600i PC Suite installation

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Sony Ericsson V600i PC Suite installation

Some assistance "please":

I have what seems to be an antique in a Sony Ericsson V600i mobile phone and although I can find no information or recognition this phone even exists on the web site, it's operation is perfect and I have no intention to change.

My concern is I cannot "run" a PC Suite on my computer to up and download information from the phone/computer.

The latest Suite I have is version 6.011.00 and when installed it "will not" recognise my V600i. Previous installations of 3.209.00 and 6.009.00 also achieved nothing in respect to recognising the V600i

I am currently running Windows 7 64 bit.

Is the problem me, the "old" V600i or something I am not seeing ?

Thanks indeed angry

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Re: Sony Ericsson V600i PC Suite installation

SE phones usually connect with PC suite in phone/PC USB mode and it sounds that your phone simply isn't compatible with PC suite.

What are the options for USB mode on this phone? You should still be able to transfer files between PC and the phone either via USB connection in "mass storage" USB mode whereby your phone will appear as a separate removable drive,or wirelessly via Bluetooth as long as both your PC and phone are enabled for this.