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Vivaz Apps

Hello i found a cool loking app in but it wont star it needs tons of other apps and i found them but it says tha sis file is not supported by your mobile phone.

The apps name is "Dj Turntable"

Please i wanna try it if anyone has a download link or a working coppy please post link or send to email:


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Re: Vivaz Apps

Sorry, DJ Turntable needs QT.

QT works on Vivaz, BUT DJ Turntable also needs a component/plug-in for QT called QT Mobility. QT Mobility sadly doesn't support Vivaz as it's probably only working for Nokia devices. Only way I could think of getting it to work is to hack Vivaz. But as Vivaz is pretty much un-hackable, we'll have to wait until someone finds a way around it.

So sorry, but it won't work :smileysad: