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One time poster
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Registered: ‎2013-04-23

Sony Ericsson Zylo W20I Screen Problems!

I have a sony ericsson zylo w20i and since yesterday when i turn on the phone its okay but as soon as the screen goes blank after a period of time it would not come back. Its normal for every screen to go blank after some time but now my phone would not come back unless i switch it off then on. Since then its been like that.

Last year i sent the phone back to get it repaired becuase the screen mirror-flipped, for example letters would be flipped.

Please could you assist me.

Community Manager
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Registered: ‎2010-11-12

Re: Sony Ericsson Zylo W20I Screen Problems!

I suggest that you try to run a software reinstall using SUS.

If the problem still remains you should contact your local support team, to have the phone examined and fixed at an repair center.

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One time poster
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎2013-04-23

Re: Sony Ericsson Zylo W20I Screen Problems!

I've re-installed my software but it stil happens. my phone is out of warranty and as i said the phone went back when screen flipped. i believe it may be the ribbon or something else that could be loose becuase i dropped the phone on purpose to see if the loose bit could get connected and the phone went fine for a few days.


One time poster
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Registered: ‎2015-03-09

Re: Sony Ericsson Zylo W20I Screen Problems!



I have one sony ericsson in my hand and I love this phone and I want not change with other (smartphone or something else).

I have problem with display. When I turn on the phone the display open but has only light. Than mobile looks like no boot.

I mean that I see that the display try to open (the display has power) and it can't. 

Do you know what I mean?


I am waiting for your answers...

Thank you guys.