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Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro keyboard settings change?

Hello, I recently bought a Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro. (A few months ago). And every so often, the keyboard settings will randomely change. The effects are the "sym" button does nothing. The up arrow or shift button, brings up a menu with the options "More Symbols" "Activate predictive Text" "Number mode" "Writing language" and "Help" with a few recently used symbols at the top. The help button does nothing, it doesn't bring up the help menu. I've looked through setting and haven't found anything to change the keyboard settings. Any shortcut or anything that can change it back? Thanks.

Sony Xperia Support
Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro keyboard settings change?

There is no real setting that I am aware of that will disable sections of the keypad. However I would advise performing a software update in the first instance to at least rule out a software issue.