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Re: Entertainment Unlimited - Says it all

No, SE only can make Java phones. And even a lot of them are CR*P. Like Their former Camera flagship, C905, it's too buggy and a lot of content goes corrupt on it for no reason. Once a game that was preinstalled, was deleted by itself! And you know that preinstalled games can not be erased!

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Re: Entertainment Unlimited - Says it all

Satio - Unentertainment Unlimited - Says it all!!!!!

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Re: Entertainment Unlimited - Says it all

if i pay a huge amount of money for a SE flagship as advertised by SE with Entertainment Unlimited I also want to receice an Entertainment Unlimited phone!  I don't want to be a beta-tester for SE!

And after all there is no support in every way.

Now SE gave us this great "Support Forum" but we gain nothing.

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Re: Entertainment Unlimited - Says it all

i just got the satio and wish i didnt . i previously had the cookie and the nokia 5230 both of them were better , touchscreen was more responsive music quality was miles better the list goes on and on . unfortunetly i got this phone on contract so doubt i will be able to exchange it , from what i feel about this phone is i will put my sim in either the cookie or 5230 and leave the satio in the cupboard somewhere til im able to upgrade .

really gutted that se staff dont answer questions or reply to posts

wish i would of got htc now which i was debating about in the 1st place

sony ericsson staff pull your finger out your backside and give us some new sw for this phone or some improvements to make this phone as advertised not the pile of junk everyone is stuck with

quick question for anyone who reads this ...... on my cookie people from the mylgcookie website were able to make themes in swf that added to flash contents and loaders were made to put into the cust of the phone . is it possible to do this with the satio, if so i can make themes post some that have already been made , i will just need to sort the scripts and xml out and resize . if we can get themes like this for eg not the poor made rubbish s60 themes and 5800 themes that i seem to be able to find and nothing else dedicated to the satio

please see image posted as to how good the quality is on these themes. pic quality may be bad because also the camera on satio aint very good either

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Registered: ‎2010-04-23

Re: Entertainment Unlimited - Says it all

Hi All,

Eariler today I posted a response to all the Satio questions and comments we have gotten, I wanted to make sure you saw it too.

Check it out here

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Re: Entertainment Unlimited - Says it all


I wanted to know  if Aino users can hope of a better menu interface which match  the phone's  capacitive touch screen  in future updates..

For ex : being able  to read incoming sms without opening the slider.. ( we are already getting a pop up window  indicating  that  we got a new message  !  window which we close  by using the touch function  !)

Why not getting the msg  directly  in that same window  and choosing  to open it instead with the  touch fiunction  ???

Those little things  SE testers should  have find out  in  less than a couple of  days .. we are not testers we are customers !!!!!

Updates  are meant to make the phone better.. not to eliminate bugs that should NOT be present  at all in a phone while already in the market. that is completely illogical !!!

MyAino  had  no  without conversation option  ,  i was hoping  that at least  would be fixed  in next update... but  i wrote to support.. all they said  was that maybe my phone is branded. my phone is not  branded at all.. !!!

Dont tell me SE are not aware of that problem ? there are so many posts in so many forums.. so many users have the  same issue !!!  but why nothing is done to give the customer for what he has paid for ?

What is even more Irritating about SE updates so far in the aino case ,  we are getting  new themes and  a game as software update nothing else ! which clearly shows that  SE is not working to make Aino a better phone.

The idea i suggested eartlier  would   for  sure make users happy . and happy users would never  go look elswhere .. instead we are getting  new themes and  a game as software update..after months of waiting and hoping ..

I dont wanna be rude  but  these kinds of updates  brings  an image  to my  mind:██████████████ ! (Edit by Jeff-SEAnswers: I think we can do without that image)!

If i get a positive answer  here .. that is .. if  there  are actually ppl  working to really make the phone  better . i'll be more than happy  to share more interesting  ideas.. but if not .... its useless...

We better keep our   ideas to other companies who cares..

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Re: Entertainment Unlimited - Says it all


I understand your frustration, however, all I can help you with is the functionality that is in the phone, I am not in the position (nor do I possess the expertise :smileyexclaim: ) to affect software changes.

We do have a forum for this at  I've heard good things about it, so why not give it a try?


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Re: Entertainment Unlimited - Says it all


Thank you for replying ,  your understanding  wont help me and  mine  too wont help you  to gain expertise or  affect sofware changes. right ? i was just expecting that  you reply by yes SE experts are working  on this model or No  sorry  SE experts are not working  to make this model better .

Infos like these are not  be available  to those representing SE on an SE forum and answering customers ?

Dont you agree  on  that  point ? if you do  just ask for the infos  we are asking. the answer doesnt matter. but we have the right to know.

For  your information , conversations is a function  that should be  in the phone !

So plz do give a honest reply .

That's what i have been trying to explain in my  last comment. SE is always postponing .. giving you another forum  to look  at.. or asking you to wait for next update ... till its time  for you  to change phone .. i call that spitting in you own plate... my last image was modified  and made blank.. perhaps it  hurt your colleague .. the truth always hurt .. deep down you should know ...   iam sure that you heard good things about it.. i dont doubt.a  Ideas collected there should  be for the next models . ( i dont know if it aleady the case).
Iam talking about models we currently  using right  now.. models  that's  still lacks essentiels things  after  two  updates  what  only  had new themes and games . Do you sincerly  think we just need to post things in the community blog and in a month or  two.. new updates would be around  with these ? common  we  Frustrated  because we waited and waited and  saw nothing hapenning.

Bear in mind  that we are not  asking  for big  budget changes  like making the Aino full touch  with on screen qwerty  etc . we are only asking  for what we paid for. nothing less nothing more.

So plz  a honest reply  would be appreciated.

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Re: Entertainment Unlimited - Says it all

Forget it, SE will never answer.

This forum is just a big joke. Everything SE tells is allready written in the user manual and that's it. No further information is given at all because SE really thinks they are developing top secret spy cia nsa devices not mobile phones.

Believe my I am owning an X10 and noone here in this forum can tell me when the update is being released and today there was an update in sweden and o2 germany said "Yes there will be an update today."

Guess what SE replied? NOTHING! Yes as usual SE is always behind even behind themselves...

so sell your phone and get a new one, I myself will never buy SE again after this complete X10 desaster.

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Re: Entertainment Unlimited - Says it all

Yeahh i already knew.. i posted only  to make others aware of how SE treat customers..  for sure i wont buy any SE products going  for  Android too.. this time with HTC.. :-)

They do reply to keep u calm .. they reply  only to  postpone issues  to  next update where frustrated users  finds that  only   1 stupid game and 3 themes are added  ( i should say 1  theme  since its the same exact theme in 3 different colours ) Even  on this they try fooling  us by  advertising that 3 new themes are added !!! shameee

The user manual itself and those representing SE here forms part of the big SE jokes...

conversertion  is a function  that should normally be in the Aino( WELL WRITTEN IN THE MANUAL ITSELF ) and Christine  clearly dont even know what am talking about.. strange.. she even replied that she can only reply about function that  are already in the phone !

For how  long  she works for SE ? huh

I didnt know there was such big problems  with x10 ? i got some friends  who wanted to get this phone.. i must  warn them.. can you tell me if there are big issues with the x10 ?

Satio should  be awarded the most crappy phone of all time and Aino the most stupid concept of all time...

i leave the x10 award to u ... ;-)