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Registered: ‎2014-03-14

xperia care and service centre indonesia was terrible

Hello i'm from indonesia..

I just wan to share how terrible xperia care in my country. I know sony products are great.. But sometimes people broke their phone or get worst phone from the beginning so it's broken 2 or 3 month later. After that they coming to service centre or Xperia care. And what they've got?
1. Their phone must stay at xc / sc to take look what's the problem. It's okay ( sony say it'll take 2 week till 1 month)
2. 1 month later they've got called by sony. And sony ask what's the problem? ( What are sony doing in 1 month!!!!)
3. After 3-6 month haven't got any news or progress from sony.
4. They try to call but no answer from sony.
5. So they coming to xc/sc but the answer that their phone are still in service or the sparepart wasn't available. ( is it need a couple month to repair smartphone? Need a couple month to deliver sparepart?)
6. Until now many people in indonesia doesn't get their phone back.
7. It's make a bad.. Worst image about sony mobile.. And some people would thinking again to buy sony mobile smartphone.. They afraid of that issue.
8. Some people make this petition too.. Take look this.

I'm using xperia L and i'm afraid this issue too.. Because i plan to upgrade my phone to z1 compact which has a high price.. Please do something about this!!! If u want to be the best brand in the world you must fix and learn how to care xperia user like other brand!

Thanks for your attention.. I'm sorry about my bad english.. I hope u can understand and fix the problem..