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pc companion

I have just attempted to upgrage the software of my Experia x10 mini. PC Companion needed an upgrade which i did. then i got a message on my computer giving me a warning about malware. this was connected to pc companion a file called cale*.ddl. as this was highlighted as a severe warning i wondered what was happening. i have uninstalled pc companion and all is now clear.

Any help would be very much appreciated. software detected this was Prevx safe online.

thanks Mike

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Registered: ‎2011-01-13

Re: pc companion

Let me ask you where did you download the PC Companion from? Because I have not seen before that the PC Companion or any of its components was detected as a virus/malware (this is when downloaded from the Sony Ericsson website).

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Re: pc companion

I have had pc companion for about 5 months when I got my phone. The problem occured when the programme was opened and said it needed upgraging before using. This was automatic and everything looked normal. ( I have had this type of message and upgrade previously) However I was shocked to see my computer said that a file conected with this programme was malware and should be removed immediately from my computer. I uninstalled pc companion and did a scan, all was clear. I then went to Sony Ericsson and downloaded the programme. It only showed 2 components of this software initially until I connected my phone. On connecting my phone there was the familliar 6 or so components. I did a scan again and I was informed that there was malware on my system the same file name as before in the same location under Sony Ericsson PC Companion. I will try to get some more information if you tell me what info you want! Or any other help would be much appreciated so that I can upgrade my phone to the latest version software.



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Re: pc companion

Well I sorted myself out. I tried installing pc companion from the version on my phone like you do for the 1st time. I then accepted automacic update for the programme and ran the malware detection again. No malware this time. I then tried to update my phone! PC COMPANION IN MY OPINION IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!! Still no phone upgrade. I went onto another part of the forum to read other persons views. This prompted me to use SE update direct. Yep you guessed correct, phone updated no problem. Come on SE when will you provide a good phone package like SE pc suite that will do everything you could ever wish for without having to load everything to the internet. This programme for my phone would satisfy my needs and probably many others! I have now uninstalled PC companion from my system as I feel it was something taking up space and was no good what so ever.

Mike D