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C905- Cannot connect to PC


My SE C905 phone cannot connect to my computer. It is a Windows XP computer. Its a new phone that I recently bought. Hence, I cannot transfer pictures, music, videos etc from phone to PC & vice versa.


When I connect the phone via the usb cable it flashes 4 options,

1)phone mode

2)media transfer


4)mass storage

I tried all 4 options. 1st 2 options after clicking say "phone ready to be used with computer" but then nothing happens. After clicking mass storage, it says "preparing for mass storage" the phone blacks out & restarts with a new screen display showing connection b/w phone & computer, but on my computer I dont see any change.

Please help,

Thank you.

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Registered: ‎2010-09-20

Re: C905- Cannot connect to PC

The fourth option is the correct one for just transferring files to/from the phone.

Do you have a memory card in the phone? If not, it will not work in mass storage mode.

If you do but nothing appears in the PC, try a different USB port. Avoid USB hubs when trying this. Also try with a different PC just to confirm if the problem lies with the phone or the PC.

Let me know.