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Xperia Play Playstation Pocket Icons problem

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Xperia Play Playstation Pocket Icons problem

The problem refer to the aplication which is open sliding the front to play games, this is the Playstation Pocket and it shows the icons of the installed games and in the other page the available ones for downloads.

I did installed one game from Android Market and was playing it regularly, but today the game icon disappeared of the installed games in this opening screen list. The game was there installed as I could check by the Android applications manager, but the icon in the screen of that PS Pocket app was gone.

I tried to find a way to insert back that icon but could not find a way to do it. So I decided to try a game reinstall, supposing it would install it over the existing one, and recover the icon in the open screen. Done that and I was surprised with 2 icons of the same game. the only way that I could get rid of the second icon was first uninstalling the game and then reinstall it back, which was a longer and annoying job and downloading time. I thnik Sony should put some managing tools in this games open screen application to manage the icons and avoid such problem, the existing settings option just permit to define, if the PS Pocket is the default app to be open when the lid is slided in game mode

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Re: Xperia Play Playstation Pocket Icons problem

I think it's the games launcher app that is set to start by default when you slide the phone open.

Try searching on Market for games launcher and check if you have the latest version, if not you should update it.

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Re: Xperia Play Playstation Pocket Icons problem

Hi ,

I have the latest version instaled. I can confirm that handset has stopped displaying the fault.

Not sure why it started to work but am happy none the less.

Thanks for your time