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SE email notification problem

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SE email notification problem

I have configured my corporate email account (non-Exchange) on the SE stock email application. While all else is fine, the notifications I recieve are erratic. I've set it to check every 5 minutes, and the issues are -

1) Sometimes the notification does not appear (have selected Settings so that it should always notify), although the email will be in my inbox if I check without refreshing

2) The notification NEVER appears if I exit email using the 'Back' button. Once I'm done checking my mail, I have to exit using the 'Home' key in order to HOPEFULLY receive a notification next time an email arrives

3) Some messages that I haven't read are marked as 'read' when I access my inbox (although never vice-versa)

4) I tried to see if I could set up syncing in 'Settings >> Accounts and Sync', but the 'Activate Auto-Sync' option is not available for the email app. when I select the function 'Add account' (like I said, my work email is not on an Exchange server, I don't know if that has anything to do with it)

Do let me know if you have the problem and if/how you fixed it. If not, do let me know if there are any trusted apps I could check out. Thanks a lot!

Sony Xperia Support
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Re: SE email notification problem

Really strange problem.

What build number are you running on?

Menu > Settings > About phone > Build number

What kind of incoming E-mail server is it? POP3, IMAP?

Have your tried any other E-mail app's? Like K-9?

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