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RE: about battery back up of sony Xperia P

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Registered: ‎2012-12-15

RE: about battery back up of sony Xperia P

friends i bought a new sony Xperia P recently though i have updated it to 4.0.4 version of ICS its battery back up is very less it is getting lost with in 16-18 hrs of normal usage, am using the mobile in extended battery life mode. Why cant these sony people provide battery with higher mAh like 2000-2200mAh instead of this they are providing 1350mAh it is very less when compared with other mobiles of the same range..did any body know why they are providing very less battrey back up or is there any problem with my mobile. please try to help me if any one know anything about this..thank u in advance...

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Registered: ‎2012-12-02

Re: RE: about battery back up of sony Xperia P

Xperia P is an experiment of Sony Xperia, with its new "White Magic Technology",

They believe, becoz of this, battery consumption is very less in sunlight n all..

although its battery is 1305mAh(less than u mentioned), it performs really happy

Abt other phones, compare to their bat bkp, our phone works f9..

Anyhows u hv to charge phone thrice in 2 days, for other phones in same segment too(4", Dual Core, other than Super AMOLED Screen disp cells).

Sony Xperia Support
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Re: RE: about battery back up of sony Xperia P

There are several threads about the battery and battery life time. I suggest that you check the Xperia P sub forum or use the search tool.

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