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Creaking sound on Xperia S

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Creaking sound on Xperia S

Got my Xperia S before 3 days and already after unpacking I noticed annoying creaking sound when I press Home capacitive touch button and whole area left and right from it up to Back and Menu buttons.

Also noticeable creaking on part below transparent bar.

What is this?! Sony was brand for good products.

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Re: Creaking sound on Xperia S

are you sure its not the back cover that's making that noise, can you post a video?

remove the back cover and check if the noise is gone

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Re: Creaking sound on Xperia S

Yes I am sure. From previous experience with mobile housing my 1st thought were it is back cover but this time it was not. It is friction between main body and transparent bar and it seams that middle part is not fitting well or it is too wide to handle pressure. I had plan to make video but last night I got even worse problem, mobile died. After I closed it to take out SIM card it wouldn't start any more neither react on charging. Weird! I got so frustrated cos there is no chance to recover media from telephon.. Now mobile is packed and waiting to be returned to dealer after work.

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Re: Creaking sound on Xperia S

Sorry to hear that, but let me know if you get more problems with this sound.

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Re: Creaking sound on Xperia S

Thanks for replying Johan!

Problem is solved with new Xperia S. There is no more that creaking sound on housing (I'll repeat not on back cover but front side around home button).

There is another problem and wondering. I lost all family pictures (new born child) and videos that I made with Xperia S in this period ( one week of usage).

Can somehow Xperia team fix that mass storage on phone can be accessed even when phone is out of function (pure USB stick function)? It is not everyone who has possibilities to sync non-stop gallery with Dropbox etc.

In hope of some positive changes

Best regards to all